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---Mom     1-27-05 5:49:20 PM
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Ideas for you

Can we have a secure area for folks who are family (w. password) and in that area, have a page that lets the secured folks post items for exchange or give away?

Can my home page be viewable by people who aren't signed on but still have a private message area?  I'm thinking I want to post family recipes, Gerry's landscaping advice etc. so everyone can see it.

I'm looking for digital picture album software - what I have in mind is code that will let me create an interactive book - my main thought is for family history, but you could use it for other stuff too.  I want to be able to add comments, have text pages, tables of content and dynamically pull together a printable book composed of various sections (different people care about different ancestors).  I would like to be able to have some real publishing company software in the same site to order hard copy type set books from the printable book, as well as some kind of software to let me order a dvd of the digital stuff.

This editor needs a spell check too!     11-14-04 8:19:13 AM
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