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---ehoffmann     12-24-03 12:46:01 PM
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Congratulations on your web site!
Lots of content and things to explore.Dad and I are enjoying your pictures. Due to dial up, the home page loads slowly, but the banner bar shows up within the first few seconds. A boy? How sure are we?
---Mom     1-19-04 6:35:39 AM
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From what Jessica told me, the doctor is pretty confident it is a boy from the sonogram.
---erik     1-19-04 9:07:37 AM
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Like your web page. The pictures are great. The page is easy to navigate. I read your resumes also. Good Job. Glad everything is going well Jessica. You look terrific. Keep in touch.
---eloise cummings popp     3-27-04 11:22:04 AM
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Cool Website Erik
Whattup Erik!  Very cool website.  Todd and I were just checking it out!  See Ya!
---Scott Hopkins and Todd Kneib     6-17-04 1:44:50 PM
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Baby pictures of Drake Joseph Hoffmann

What a cutie!

I added a link under 'Marie's links to the website which now has pictures of Drake taken at the hospital!  You can't download or print them. I will repeat the link here also:

---mahoffmann     6-29-04 5:10:02 PM
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Hello!     7-12-04 11:10:30 PM
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Ok, I havn't exactly figured out how this works yet!  Mom just told me last Monday Drake had arrived safely.  Love the pictures, what a handsome boy!!  Jessica, you look wonderful.  Hope you're doing well.  Awesome website.  You all look great, wish I was closer to visit.  Take care,  Melissa     7-12-04 11:19:22 PM
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Looks like a keeper
Welcome baby Drake!

The picture with his mouth open he is saying:
(Reading his lips) "Real-estate."

---pattyk     7-19-04 9:52:06 AM
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Response to your questions

1.  A way to tell who else is visiting the site when I am (is this even possible?)

2.  If number 1 is possible, then an area for chat.

3.  For your business purposes, it might be handy to have something like 'Sametime' - which I believe allows a leader to walk through presentations & materials while the online participants see the presentations & hear the discourse.

4.  It would be fun to play around with my own home page, but then I do have a dumbed down site of my own too.

5.  Let the originator of a message delete it after it is posted.

6.  Cycle the 'new' pictures through faster so fewer show up in that area - & only put your new pictures there.  Have a message or something that says other people have new pictures on their part of the page.

7. A better way to put geneology pics & docs here

8. Movies - a way to store & play so they don't take forever to show.

9. A spell checker

10. A tool of some sort that alerts an uploader if they are giving away information that maybe should'nt be posted on a public web page (like address, phone number)? - or maybe we should all chip in and get this onto a secure site?

We miss DRAKE! (and you guys too).  Hope to see you sometime in August.

---Mom     7-22-04 2:14:09 PM
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More Pictures of Valerie
There are more pictures of Valerie posted on the Internet. We got her picture taken professionally. Go to and click on the "sessions" link on the left. Type in "Clark" with a capitol "C". You can order pictures directly from the web site if you like or e-mail Stacy and I with the photo number and we'll be glad to order some for you. There's so many cute ones, we can't pick out our favorite!
---Jeanella     9-26-04 1:46:53 PM
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