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So, here's the idea. This is what I want the Nova to look like (with different wheels)
And here's the reality. It's pretty ugly under there folks, so we're going to leave that cover on for awhile.
Wheel wells There is enough gray primer on these things now to re-enter the atmosphere!
Hood and front fenders These need a lot of love (get well cards and money accepted! Ha! Ha!)
Metal thingys No, seriously, I know where these thingys go!
Me and the president of the Lonely Nova Club (TM) Me and my girl, Ginger
TJ the tough dog Actually, more like the special needs dog, since he keeps running into walls.
For Sale: 74 Nova, slightly used Just kidding, this car stays in the family forever (hopefully not like this though!)
Naked Nova No, seriously, I can fix this!
Look at the purty fenders an' stuff! Here we are after the first fifteen coats of primer!
Hood spring Yeah, I know. I painted them opened up. Hey, I'm working in a freakin garage here people!
Metal thingy I still don't know what it's called, but it's primered now!
Fender Surgery The patient is still in the operating room, but his vitals are strong!
Shelby's Dog House The fully furnished DOGGIE CONDO of Shelby Hoffmann...
Shelby Hoffmann 2 days after Chuck adopted her...
Moving Tim back to Chicago 07/2004 Ginger , Chuck,and Tim
Relaxing on Lake Marie in Antioch, IL Chuck and Ginger
Back to Antioch for a visit 10/2004 Chuck and Ginger
Chuck and Shelby with Tim and TJ October 2004
Jelly Belly Factory Tour 10/2004 Pleasant Prarie, Wisconsin
The Boys with the Dogs 10/2004
Shelby'sFirst Vacation 10/2004