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Rental.xls (166kb) Uploaded by ehoffmann on 06/17/2004 07:33:53
test.txt (0kb) Uploaded by ehoffmann on 03/23/2010 09:27:08
Ancestry of Marie.doc (51kb) Uploaded by mahoffmann on 06/01/2004 07:07:38
Erik's (and Chuck's) Mom's Maternal Geneology
Feuz/Haynes Family Members
Harol F. Phillips Autobiography.doc (50kb) Uploaded by mahoffmann on 07/26/2004 07:24:27
Harol F. Phillips Autobiography
Harol (Erik's Grandfather) hand printed this around age 60
PETER JACOB BAUWENS FAMILY.doc (250kb) Uploaded by mahoffmann on 07/28/2004 08:06:23
Information about Mary E. Hoffmann's Great-Grandfather
From a book titled The Family of Francies Bernard Modde
PETER JACOB BAUWENS FAMILY.doc (250kb) Uploaded by mahoffmann on 07/30/2004 08:27:27

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