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Zero Clearance
The lack of a need for a specified distance between a well-insulated heating unit or metal wood burning fireplace and a combustible surface.

Zero Line
The point in earthmoving where an imaginary line denotes a place where no cutting or filling is required.

Zero Lot Line
Lot where a home is set to the lot boundary, which leaves very little space between the houses.

Zero Lot Line
A zoning regulation which allows certain properties to have buildings placed up to the line dividing separate properties.

Zero Net
When there is no money left for the seller, from the sale of a property, after all outstanding expenses are paid.

Zero Rate Loan
Loan with large down payment and the balance being paid in equal periodic payments over a short period of time, with no interest charged. Usually offered by an eager seller.

Zigzag Fence
Laid out in a zigzag pattern, with split rails intersecting and supporting each other and anchored with spikes at the joint, this type of fence is also referred to as a snake fence.

Geographic location with designated boundaries such as a district.

Exercise of police power of city in regulating and controlling the character or use of property. Zoning laws divide cities into different areas according to use, from single-family residences to industrial plants. Zoning ordinances control the size, location, and use of buildings within these different areas. Houston is the largest city in the U.S. without zoning. Most of the other cities and villages within the Houston Metropolitan Area do have zoning regulations.

Zoning Bylaw
A rule passed by the local government which regulates the use of property according to its location within the municipality, placement of structures on the property, maximum floor area, minimum lot area, minimum floor-to-lot area ratios, etc.

Zoning Laws
Ordinances created by local government to cover real estate development, including structural and esthetic points.

Zoning Map
Map that shows locality divided into districts and shows status and usage of each district and is kept current.

Zoning Ordinances
Regulations determined by each municipality to establish different zoning restrictions and classifications.

Zoning Records
Compilation of zoning requirements and any changes made to them.
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