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Response to your questions

1.  A way to tell who else is visiting the site when I am (is this even possible?)

2.  If number 1 is possible, then an area for chat.

3.  For your business purposes, it might be handy to have something like 'Sametime' - which I believe allows a leader to walk through presentations & materials while the online participants see the presentations & hear the discourse.

4.  It would be fun to play around with my own home page, but then I do have a dumbed down site of my own too.

5.  Let the originator of a message delete it after it is posted.

6.  Cycle the 'new' pictures through faster so fewer show up in that area - & only put your new pictures there.  Have a message or something that says other people have new pictures on their part of the page.

7. A better way to put geneology pics & docs here

8. Movies - a way to store & play so they don't take forever to show.

9. A spell checker

10. A tool of some sort that alerts an uploader if they are giving away information that maybe should'nt be posted on a public web page (like address, phone number)? - or maybe we should all chip in and get this onto a secure site?

We miss DRAKE! (and you guys too).  Hope to see you sometime in August.

---Mom     7-22-04 2:14:09 PM


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