I just put out the latest and greatest update to the web site - Build 27

Here's what's included:

  • Removed the loading overlay on ViewAlbumImages
  • Fixed an error that occurred when viewing a re-imported resume (bad filename)
  • Data: Added Upload Pictures to user's menu 
  • View Image Albums: implemented a date based paging feature
  • Updated to allow pages w/o any rolepageaccess entries to be viewable by Anonymous by default (makes it easier for me to deploy new pages)
  • Minor UI update to homepage left hand quick nav.
  • Added basic 'blog' capabilities; migrated main page and site notes to this new mechanism
  • Upgraded to FCKeditor 2.6.4 from 2.4.3 Build 15657
    • Includes web based spell checker
    • Logged in users can upload files/images for use in postings.
  • Fixed bug on home page new images section; was only displaying 30 of the uploaded; changed to allow all.
  • Updated page titles across all pages
  • Fixed Bug: Pager on 'view new pictures' is broken - When I select page 4; it refreshes and shows me 3 of 4 (30 pictures total)
  • Moved/copy stored procs to a dedicated folder where I can find them more easily, instead of in the buid to build folders. 
Posted on April/29/2009 10:21:57 by ehoffmann
Categories: Build Notes