Build 19
  • Fixed a login/url discrepencies
  • Added 'My Pages' Dynamic Page part - lists the dynamic pages for the user/group
  • Fixed Bug: Album page: Logged in, click edit mode, click it again - mismatch in edit mode occurs.
  • Fixed bug where image upload caused 100% cpu utilization (javascript error)
  • Fixed bug were only 3 of your uploaded images were getting added¬†to an album (the rest where 'floating' - not associated with an ¬†album - Perform an image 'search' to find those)
  • Fixed bug in ViewComments.aspx where the 'Return to previous page' link would not return to you the previous page
  • Fixed bug where the Group Owner could not mess with the group's albums
Posted on June/25/2005 02:33:09 by ehoffmann
Categories: Build Notes