News from 2005.02.15

It's been a while since I posted new pictures, so here they are:

Maritz Building Erik works in

I've started working through a consulting firm for Maritz.  There were are variety of reasons that I made the switch to a new job, the main one being this is much closer to home - effectively giving me an hour a day more to spend with my family and working on my projects.  I'm on week three there - so far, so good!
Our Home in the morningOur home in the morning.  I'm glad that the days are getting longer so that I can see more of the sunshine.


Drake's getting bigger & bigger!  He now has two bottom teeth, loves to 'walk' on our finger tips, is rapidly getting the hang of crawling, and can pull himself up!
Auto showWe went to the auto-show again this year!

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