Build 20 (11/25/05)
  • Added stronger email address validation on SendEmail, SendPictureEmail
  • Minor utility functions added
  • Added UniversalComponentEditor host form and BaseUniversalComponent class
  • *New* Dynamic Pages now support additional custom meta tags for search engines.
  • Fixed bug where the pages did not get re-numbered when you re-distributed images across album pages
  • *New* bulk update mode for Image title, description, attributes (after a search)
  • Updated image search with a max return on queries (1-300 as max to return)
  • Updated image search to be much more efficient. (1 DB query instead of hundreds)
  • Changed framework loadList method to loads all the data for an object list in one call instead of multiple database calls. Saves thousands of DB calls per browsing session.
  • Added to page trace number of SQL calls on main sql Context object (have to enable trace to see it)
  • Added helper for getting aliased table ColumnInfo
  • Additional extensions for SearchCondition
  • PersistentObject: clone support, default values on data accessor helpers
  • ObjectList : Cloning, cachine extensions
  • ImageAlbum List : approximately 200x speed increase (removed 250+ DB trips)
  • ImageAlbumPage : approximate 10x speed increase
  • Removed 350 calls to Group.LoadAll in default page load (No VisibleGroup/Entity Parameter)
  • Enabled caching of empty result sets of queries (avoid that DB call)
  • Added additional JS functions to common.js
  • Moved some of URL utility functions from BasePage to webhelpers.URLHelpers
  • Added random picture per page load to home page.
  • Made front page 'static' image configurable via Settings table.
  • Minor home page layout changes
Posted on December/03/2005 01:32:53 by ehoffmann
Categories: Build Notes